5 Ways to Beat Holiday Depression and Stress

This year we’re all facing a shift in holiday traditions to some extent. The restrictions, regulations, and safety measures brought on by COVID-19 continue to create unprecedented times and the holiday season is no exception. Many people
might have to let go of treasured holiday traditions this year which can be really challenging.

The truth is, the holidays can be filled with potential triggers for anxiety and depression. If you are struggling to enjoy the holiday this year because you are feeling busy or blue, here are five ways to beat your holiday depression and stress:

Incorporate Self-Care

Despite the way it may sometimes feel, the holidays are not just about buying gifts or over-committing yourself to make someone else’s holiday better. It would help if you got to enjoy the holidays too, or at the very least take care of yourself during this
time away from work and your everyday routine. On that note, it is time for a new routine- something you can incorporate at least every other day. Maybe it involves going to sleep a little bit earlier or waking a little bit later. Perhaps it is some restorative yoga,
a hot bath, and a book before bed. Create your own kind of cheer this year, something special you don’t have to share with or explain to anyone else.

Focus On The Good

Parties and gifts will come and go. Use the holidays as a time to notice what and who are your constants in this life. Who shows up for you all year, and not just during the holidays? What are you grateful for? Shift your feelings away from stress and depression by focusing on the good. It is not always easy to do at first, but you may be surprised at how thinking of three things you are grateful for each morning will begin to rewire your thoughts throughout the day.

Let Go of Perfection

There will always be someone with brighter lights wrapped around their home or lavish parties taking place within them. You may find yourself scrolling through social media, and everyone looks like they have it all together. How their DIY crafts turned out
better, or their Christmas vacation looks more fun than your day at home. Just remember that this is the only side they are choosing to show, and that you do not have to be as “perfect” as they seem.

Allow Yourself To Grieve

Allow yourself to respond emotionally to whatever thoughts come up for you this year. Remember, there is no “right” way to feel because what you feel is personal to you. Reach out for support if you are struggling to overcome your depression.

Ask for help

You are not alone if you are dealing with stress and depression this season. Never feel afraid to reach out and ask for help. We all need help every once in a while. Therapy, medications, and TMS Therapy can all help improve your mood so you can make the most of the holidays. Our compassionate team is here to help you move forward through life’s challenges to experience renewed hope and healing.

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