Treatment-Resistant Doesn’t Mean Impossible

Imagine being depressed and trying medication after medication without relief. It’s frustrating, stressful, and often adds more weight to the crippling burden of depression. This is the exhausting cycle of defeat those with treatment-resistant depression
face each day. Now, we’re helping our patients breakthrough symptoms of Major Depression with TMS Therapy in Seattle.

Understanding Depression vs. Sadness

Feeling sad and melancholy can happen to any of us. After all, no one is immune to having a bad day! Most of the time sadness comes and goes as part of our normal human emotions. For some, the sadness can set in and take hold. It’s a feeling that you can’t shake.

Lingering sadness is just one of the indications of Major Depression. If you are experiencing depression symptoms for the first time, your doctor might prescribe medication or therapy. Fortunately, many experience relief from these treatments but
what about the 30% of people who still suffer? In these cases, we turn to TMS Therapy for renewed hope!

TMS Therapy is often considered a second-line treatment for depression. When people use the phrase “treatment-resistant depression”, it usually implicates that first-line treatments (medication and therapy) didn’t work or caused unwanted side effects. We see many examples of successful second-line treatments in life-threatening diseases such as cancer and diabetes.
In fact, the advancement of modern medicine over the years has helped provide renewed hope and healing in many ways.

Second-line and alternative treatments continue to help improve outcomes and quality of life for patients around the world and for that, we’re thankful.

Benefits of TMS Therapy For Treatment-Resistant Depression

At TMS Washington, we help so many in our Seattle community breakthrough depression and find renewed wellness. Our advanced TMS treatments are non-invasive and covered by most major insurance providers. There’s no need for surgery, sedation, or anesthesia.

It’s important to remember that depression is so much more than just feeling sad. It’s a complex medical condition that can be crippling for those who suffer. Major Depressive Disorder (MDD) is a debilitating illness associated with frequent relapses, persistent symptoms, and incomplete recovery.

Now TMS Therapy Offers Hope.

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