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The Role of Genetics in Depression: What You Should Know

Depression affects millions of people worldwide, and understanding its causes can help us better manage and treat it. While factors like stress, lifestyle, and personal experiences are significant, genetics also play a crucial role. Knowing how genetics contribute to depression can explain why some people are more prone to it and help us find better ways to support those affected.

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Supporting Your Loved One Through Depression: Exploring TMS Therapy as a Path to Healing

Depression can impact all aspects of your life, including the lives of those around you. It’s like a dark cloud that hangs over the entire family. If your partner is dealing with depression, you might find yourself tiptoeing around their emotions, unsure of what might trigger another spiral. You don’t just witness their pain. You feel it, too! Depression doesn’t

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When Depression Medications Fall Short, TMS Therapy Can Help

If you’ve ever weathered the storm of depression, you know how it’s so much more than just feeling sad or having a bad day. Depression can cause feelings of unhappiness, emptiness, and hopelessness every day. The symptoms can be relentless and hold you back in all areas of your life. The journey to healing and relief often involves medications and

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Small Steps to Big Changes in Mental Well-being

As we begin a new year, it’s the season of fresh starts and new opportunities. As you continue to make your resolutions, don’t forget about the importance of prioritizing your mental health. At TMS Washington, we understand the importance of building resilience. The journey to a healthier mind is personal, and it’s okay to navigate it at your own pace.

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New Year’s Resolutions for a Fulfilling 2024

The new year wouldn’t be the new year without setting an unrealistic resolution, right? Each year at the top of the list of popular resolutions are health and fitness goals-particularly weight loss. Even though losing weight and prioritizing your wellness are important, setting unrealistic weight loss or wellness goals can have a negative impact on you well-being. Instead, let’s explore

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10 Tips for Managing Grief, Loss, and Depression During The Holidays

10 Tips for Managing Grief, Loss, and Depression During The Holidays The holiday season is often referred to as the most wonderful time of the year, but it’s not merry and bright for everyone. When you or someone you love is struggling with grief, depression, or loss, the holiday season can be difficult to navigate. Emotional pain impacts each of

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Boost Your Mood for the Holidays with TMS Therapy And Use Your Insurance Benefits

The holiday season is here! While it’s known to be the season of joy, some people feel the opposite. If you’re struggling with depression and looking for ways to elevate your mood, you might be interested in exploring a non-medication approach called Transcranial Magnetic Stimulation (TMS) Therapy. Now is the ideal time to use your insurance benefits to help with

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A Closer Look At The Top Stressors Americans Face

If stress is a regular part of your everyday life, you have company. A recent study shows that more than a quarter of U.S. adults say they’re so stressed they can’t function. From the relentless pressures of work and increasing financial concerns over inflation to political divisiveness and family relationships, there’s no shortage of issues to cause stress in life.

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5 Tips to Help You Navigate Change

Life is an ever-evolving journey, and change is a constant companion. And while it brings new beginnings and exciting opportunities, it can also feel overwhelming and challenging. Whether it’s a career shift, a move to a new city, the end of a relationship, or any other major life alteration, it’s okay to admit that change is hard. We all face

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The Burden of Depression

Embodied within depression lies an immense weight, a burden that can overpower even the most resilient spirit. As it continues to rob joy for those facing it, it steals hope and replaces it with concern for those around them. The Daily Struggle of Living with Depression Imagine waking up each day enveloped in a dense fog that shrouds your thoughts

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