Deep TMS Treatment

Deep TMS Treatment

Deep TMS therapy has been employed by leading physicians worldwide to successfully treat depression and other mental disorders. Brainsway’s state of the art TMS device is the only FDA cleared device for “deep TMS therapy”. Deep TMS Therapy stimulates the brain region responsible for depression almost twice as deep as other TMS devices and stimulates a broader spectrum of the brain.

Deep TMS Therapy is our premium TMS Therapy service

TMS Washington is proud to partner with Brainsway who first developed Deep TMS therapy in Israel and tested this revolutionary healing therapy over 60 clinical trials treating different brain disorders. Hundreds of patients worldwide have already been treated with Brainsway Deep TMS therapy and experienced significantly reduced depressive symptoms with minimal to no side effects via non-invasive treatment. Brainsway Deep TMS is an FDA approved treatment for major depressive disorder with a high success rate of total remission.

Insurance Coverage. Deep TMS treatment is covered by most insurance, Our TMS specialists, assisted by Brainsway provides support for our patients to acquire prior authorizations regarding patient insurance; streamlining the financial process for those in need. Contact us now to seek prior insurance authorization.

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