Group Therapy

Group Therapy

“We are proud to offer our clients group therapy treatment. We will build group skills and support other’s progress to strengthen the power of the process. This will build commitment to one’s self as well as others in group. Come join us on your healing journey…”

Abby McClelland
Psychotherapist, MA, MSW, LICSW

Groups offered:

  • ADD/ADHD Group: This is a group designated to focus specifically on those individuals who have been diagnosed with ADD or ADHD and who would benefit from practical tools that will enable them to manage their lives more effectively. The group will offer a combination of skill building (including DBT based life skills); CBT work designed to challenge cognitive distortions which have been supported by the ADHD experience, and peer support.
  • DBT (Dialectical Behavior Therapy): teaches skills to empower the individual to create a life worth living based on tools designed to teach the individual how to control one’s mind instead of feeling controlled by whatever happens to be the current obsession and possibly felling trapped by painful thoughts, feelings, and/or perspectives. There will be four modules of skills included in each ten-week course: Core Mindfulness; Emotion Regulation; Distress Tolerance; and Interpersonal Effectiveness. Group will include homework as well as homework review with an expectation that individuals will commit to practicing their new skills.
  • Eating Disorder Group: This group will function as a therapy group as well as a support group. There will be homework assignments and an expectation of a commitment to recovery, with the understanding that recovery is an individual, unique and often rock process. Groups will limited to 8-10 persons and closed.


Time: 6-7:30 pm (Wednesday and Thursday)
Place: Room 436
Number of Meetings: 10
Group Size: 5-10 (Groups closed unless otherwise specified)

Cost: $40 per session (prepaid for 10 sessions) (insurance may apply)

RSVP For Your Group Today: at (206) 402-3375 or Contact US to reserve your group place.

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