Heather Benjamin

Heather Benjamin

TMS Technician

Heather is one of our TMS Technicians here at Psychiatry Northwest. Growing up on the east coast, she moved to Seattle and graduated from Seattle University with a bachelor’s degree in Psychology. Outside of SU, Heather worked at the University of Washington Center for Anxiety and Traumatic Stress as a research assistant. She helped with multiple research projects, assisted in protocol development for qualitative analysis, and aided in prep work for research presentations.

Growing an appreciation for evidence-based treatments, Heather was interested in TMS as an additional therapeutic option for treatment-resistant depression. She is excited to see the industry grow for TMS to reach more patients and accommodate more diagnoses. She enjoys working with her patients and hearing the stories they bring to their treatment journey.

Heather plans to continue her studies in a graduate program. In her free time, she enjoys making costumes, spending time with animals, and watching Kraken games and superhero movies.

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