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Stop And Smell the Roses by Tapping Into Your Senses

Have you ever had someone in your life remind you to “stop and smell the roses”? Perhaps this particular phrase had an impact on you. Maybe it inspired you to slow down during a time in life where you were moving too quickly. As you reflected on all the days you had spent confined in your busy reality, you had

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How to Fact Check Your Own Thoughts

A highly emotional situation is typically something that you do not see coming. Anything from receiving some bad news to losing someone you love or ending a relationship can elicit intense feelings that are entirely normal and valid. When you experience fear in the face of something like a highly emotional situation, that fear signals a powerful stress response in

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3 Expressions of Vulnerability That Can Make You Stronger

What does being vulnerable mean to you? Unfortunately, it’s a word that comes with a lot of negative associations. For example, many of the definitions of vulnerability focus on being weak, defenseless, powerless, passive, and feeble. The problem is so many people view vulnerability as a flaw and a sign of weakness. They hold back questions and gloss over failures

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How To Get Out of Rut: A Few Strategies to Help You Get Unstuck

Feeling down in the dumps lately?  Tired of the way things are in life? Angry about the cause and actions of what’s happening downtown? Sick of feeling stuck in a mindless routine day after day? We all go through times when it feels like we’re in a rut. It’s not uncommon to feel like you’re just going through the motions,

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