TMS Process

Referring Provider

Having a referring provider is the optional step in the life cycle of our TMS therapy. However, we do welcome you to include your current provider in the process. For providers seeking treatment for their patients, please call us at (206) 456-2604, or email us via for our provider referral forms.  For patients, for ease of connecting with a TMS team member, please call our team directly at 206-503-2450

The TMS Process

Step 1: Initial Screening

Initial screening happens once the patient is referred to us or contacts us to seek treatment.

There will be an initial phone call to review the referral, for those seeking treatment this would be the initial call.

During this step if a patient is referred to us by the provider, we will fax that provider that the referral has been received.

Lastly, during this step, our front-desk reception will schedule an intake appointment with the patient to see Dr. Jesse McClelland.

Step 2: Clinical Consult

Clinical consult appointment is approximately a 1-hour appointment with Dr. McClelland.

During this appointment Dr. McClelland will:

Review the patient’s medical history with the patient.

  • Check to see if the patient meets the criteria for insurance, or if the patient is self-pay.
  • Analyze if TMS therapy is the right for the patient.
  • Lastly, he will discuss the logistics and parameters of treatment and determine how the treatment schedule will look like with the patient.

Step 3: Prior Authorization

If a patient is using insurance, this step is performed. If the patient is self-pay or using “Off Label” treatment, this step will be skipped.

After Dr. McClelland sees the patient, the chart notes for the patient that Dr. McClelland makes during the Clinical Consult step will be sent to Insurance to receive authorization of treatment.

Typically authorization takes 2 to 7 days for most insurances. When we receive authorization for treatment, our front-desk staff will reach out to the patient and schedule their first appointment for TMS treatment, and fax their provider this information as well if applicable.

Step 4: Motor Threshold

This is performed on the first appointment of TMS treatment before the first treatment is administered.

The motor threshold will be re-determined a couple of times throughout the treatment course to ensure the accuracy of the treatment, this varies from patient to patient.

Essentially, a motor threshold determines the amplitude, or the dosage, of the treatment.

Step 5: TMS Acute Treatment Session

This session is also on the first day of treatment.

On the day of the first treatment, patients will undergo the motor threshold procedure before beginning their first treatment.

With the motor threshold included, the first day of treatment will take up to an hour.

Step 6: TMS Continuous Treatment Sessions

Each subsequent visit following the first day of treatment will typically last about 30 minutes, this, of course, depends on the patient and may have a variance.

For the most part, TMS technicians can work around a patients’ schedule to determine a consistent time of treatment, Monday through Friday.

Step 7: After Care

A few weeks after the completion of treatment, a TMS Technician will follow up and check in to see how patients are feeling.

At this point in the care, it will be determined if maintenance treatments are needed for the patient, depending on their case.

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