TMS Therapy “Off Label” Treatments

What is “Off Label” TMS therapy?

The FDA has only cleared TMS Therapy for Major Depression, despite overwhelming scientific evidence that TMS Therapy is being successfully used to treat a wide range of other mental disorders and illnesses globally. When TMS therapy is administered for treatment of other mental disorders, not currently cleared by the FDA it is described as “off label”.

TMS Therapy off label treatments

Are“Off Label” TMS therapy soultions covered by insurance?

No. For this reason, Dr. McClelland has searched the globe for TMS devices and protocols that would allow him to lower his treatment costs while providing best practice services. He discovered FDA cleared TMS devices from Denmark and Israel with Theta Burst coils and protocols that dramatically lower TMS treatment time and cost.

Why is Theta Burst Stimulation (TBS) ideal for “Off Label” applications?

TBS is backed by scientific research and is being used extensively in Europe, and by the nation health service in Canada. It can be administered in a fraction of the treatment time (3-6 minutes vs 20-36 minutes for FDA cleared standard in the U.S currently, and in 3 days vs. 30 days of treatment) providing equal or better results.

Why can Dr. McClelland offer Theta Burst Stimulation (TBS) at guaranteed best prices for “Off Label” TMS?

TBS “off label” protocols can be achieved with shorter treatment times by using a stimulation type referred to as “bursts”. TBS “bursts” can result in fewer treatment days—substantially lowering costs allowing us to provide the best possible prices for our patients!

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